I have been a bit late starting this blog for the Sporadic E season. To be honest with work I am currently missing quite a few of the bigger openings. I have been promosing to get my antenna above the apartment but it may still be a few more weeks or a month or two away. However when it happens it should be spectaluar for dx from The Hague.

Last week I was unfortunate to have the fibreglass pole holding the yagi up, snap in half. From 7 metres up the old Fuba came crashing to the ground bending one or two radials. The lesson learnt has been never to use fibreglass again in strong wing areas. But it was blessing of sorts because I spent an entire day putting the new mast up and doing it properly this time with the rotator. All safely guyed etc. 

I have had a few openings with Sporadic E (FM broadcast band) to Italy, Portugal and Spain. As I type this blog up here at work you can see what I am currently missing. 

It has also given me the opportunity to move my dx things back out to the shed. During the winter months there is so much moisture out there and it is so cold. But during Spring and Summer it is heaven being able to escape the noise from neighbors and to just escape from the family and concentrate on some dx.

Another thing I have done is buy myself a Noxon Terretec dongle. This is mainly for OIRT dx but I'm surprised that its quite reasonable on the FM broadcast band. They are so cheap and I got mine on Ebay for about 25 Euro. There are a few issues with these things like images etc but for the price they do a wonderful job. I have only had the one opening with it so far and I need to improve my OIRT antenna. I'm looking for a band 2 TV antenna but they are so hard to find in Holland.

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    My FM Dxing

    I have been FM Dxing since the mid 90's. Mostly in Australia before moving to Holland in 2006

    I have a Fuba Yagi antenna. The receiver I use is a Kenwood KT-6040 (modified) with a Conrad RDS reader. I also have a terratec noxon dongle


    June 2013